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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Dragonette rocks.

Fluxblog found out and posted "Competition". He added some sweet sounds of his own, especially the nice bit about wanting to live in a world where the song is a hit.

From the moment I saw the band play "I Get Around" I was enthralled:

I know your friends and you know mine too
You don't tell on me I won't tell on you
Seconds to your elevator from the station
How can I resist that kinda invitation?
Here I come when I better go
I say yes when I oughta say no
Quietly slide away off the mattress
Find my clothing on the bedpost
So I tiptoe out of this mess
As I slip back into last night's dress
Put a little lipstick back on my face
Blow a little kiss to you from the doorway
Walk the hall back right past the staircase
Take the elevator back down outta this place

I transcribe the verses just to prove to myself there's no magic. No fairydust in this recipe. It's the tight, well-honed technique of Good Humor-era Saint Etienne. A beat dictates the length of the vocal line and the phrasing evokes the story. Martina holds it all together, and then, as layers of instrumentation pile on to the track, it seems certain that this song is also a film. I haven't felt anything quite like it since "Woodcabin".


Blogger g58 said...

In 2006 (almost a year later...) check out their myspace page or better yet their new web site for the great things these guys got in store.

8:54 AM


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