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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

9. 2080 by Yeasayer
(from the album All Hour Cymbals, first single)
Playing La Sala Rosa with MGMT on February 10. Touted for keen confluence of Middle-Eastern mysticism and enlightened thinking, but I'm loving the Roxy Music verve supplied by rolling bass and smooth vocals reminiscent of Bryan Ferry. This live performance dissects the exotic sheen. Plus it preps me the early concert event of 2008.

8. White Chalk by PJ Harvey
(title track from the album)
The stirring harmonic dirge pummels your ears ever so sweetly. But it's not just a lyrical mood piece, I tell you. It's often great art when you find it impossible to separate the music from the musician, and seeing PJ Harvey perform this song it's clear no one else can do what she does.

7. Silly Crimes by the Tough Alliance
(from the New Waves EP)
This year's greatest subversion. Balearico beats echoing the synth of Saint Etienne's "Kiss and Make Up" -- but in terms of meaning it's taking a rather different route. There's no forgiving in the Tough Alliance.