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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Top 10 pop songs (plus two more) in 2007

12. Melody Day by Caribou
(from the album Andorra, first single)
Daniel Victor Snaith grew up where I was born. But I still know nothing about him except that he is a nutter, or perhaps used to be one back when he was known as Manitoba. There's some criticism that his recent recordings are too mainstream but who can even tell what he's on about. It's intrigue, a good thing. A compelling release -- that says it all really.

11. Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley
(from the album Under the Blacklight, second single)
The build-up is below the surface -- just like the iceberg theory used in good fiction -- and then come the final notes, which on this track sound like the best ones recorded all year. It's fresh retro, and that -- whenever it's not a total impossibility -- comes close to perfection. So tell me what's with the people who diss this?

10. 1 2 3 4 by Feist
(from the album The Reminder, second single)
The song is a standout. The video is exceptional. Combine them and then at 2:03 into it all, something amazing happens. It's not the synergy of sound and vision. It's something similar to adult-onset athleticism: a mind-numbing rush and a sharp cry . . . damn, I WANT TO BE IN THIS VIDEO!