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Saturday, March 16, 2013

That crazy March

Last March, I went on winter vacation. And if you know me, you probably heard about it. That's because I'm one of those people who documents and publicizes. Document, publicize. Document, publicize. Document, publicize. DOCUMENT (click to publicize).

Well, it's been exactly a year, and I'm recalling that crazy March of 2012 and how this current March is nothing at all like it. And suddenly I realize I documented this other thing last March but stopped short of publicizing...

The DOCUMENT linked above and the one shown below are (respectively) videos 1 and 2 that begin to tell a story. A wild and amazing story featuring threats of global warming, cold and fed-up Northerners and a bizarre breed of penguins that doesn't inhabit the South Pole.

Despite its outlandish elements, I hope it's a story we all can relate to and even commiserate with, seeing how particularly frozen March 2013 is feeling at the moment.

So, to repeat, see the linked DOCUMENT first and then please click this Publicize arrow to fully and completely publicize:

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