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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Heartbeat Finding You Inside And Out

I love a New Year's Day countdown. The Casey Kasem kind. You know, the big annual ranking of the hits you heard on the radio all year long, introduced and played. The suspense builds as you await the number one song, the one that hasn't yet been heard when the ten top starts up. I grew up with a DJ as a dad, what can I say?

No suspense this year. I offer immediate gratification. I present to you my medley of the top three tracks from 2005. I call it a B and a G because each song is written by artists with prominent B's and G's in their name. Yes, B-G's... Now I've practically given away the ending. Go ahead and listen to the m4a file (split into two halves) and enjoy! Happy new year.

2005's best pop songs: The B and G medley

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Create a wine blog, get a Bordeaux address

The above report tracks the location of visitors to this site. Visit 17 was me. I now am considered a resident of Bordeaux. I suspect it's a distinction awarded to me to honour the oenologistic Doktor Weingolb. So in lieu of an interim report on the status of new wine blog, I pass on this little bit of welcome praise from the nice people at Site Meter and say: check moi, là!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The doktor is in

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Doktor Weingolb does not replace golb so please continue to check back here from time to time for posts, however infrequent they may turn out to be.