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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Career Mom

It's my mother's birthday this week. Which gets me to thinking. What would it mean if Janet Jackson was the mother of 18 year old?

  1. that uniform from her warrior-dancer-of-the-future Rhythm Nation video wasn't poorly designed and ill-fitting - she just had a bun in the oven

  2. an exposed starburst titty at the Super Bowl actually says more about the woes of beastfeeding than it does about wardrobe malfunctions

  3. the sexual revolution of 1993's janet. wasn't about finally losing inhibitions and putting it out there - it was about finally losing the pounds from her secret pregnancy

  4. signing deals with A&M and then suddenly jumping ship to Virgin was more than a matter of artistic freedom; Janet had a desperate anti-DeBarge message to send subliminally: "Ms. Jackson touts a new label legacy - AM ... Virgin"

  5. The crying subject of the OutKast song "Ms. Jackson" could actually be Janet's daughter, Renee


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